Easy Snowman Cupcakes

Easy Snowman Cupcakes

Easy to decorate snowman cupcakes. Perfect cute homemade holiday treat for the pastry decorating impaired.
Course Dessert
Servings 24
Author Mom Foodie Contributor


  • 2 dozen white cupcakes prepared according to box or recipe directions
  • 1 container white frosting
  • 10 oz. Mini Marshmallows
  • Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Brown and Orange M&M’s or round candies in those colors
  • Blue sugar sprinkles


  1. Allow cupcakes to cool. Spread a flat layer of white frosting onto each cupcake.
  2. Place mini marshmallows in a slightly rounded line across the top half of the cupcake to create the hat.
  3. Place two brown M&M’s below the hat line for eyes, and an orange M&M (edge first at a slight angle) below the eyes in the center to create a “carrot” nose.
  4. Place a rounded line of 5 mini chocolate chips along the bottom edge of the cupcake to create the mouth.
  5. Sprinkle blue sugar sprinkles only on the top of the cupcake above the marshmallow line for the hat.
  6. Dip the edge of a mini marshmallow in frosting and place on top of the sprinkled half of the cupcake to complete the hat.
  7. Repeat this process on all cupcakes.